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Meet the 2022 Title Family

Meet the 2022 Title Family

We are stoked to announce our 2022 Title Athlete Family. Our athletes make us extremely proud, and we wouldn't be where we are today without them! From product development and testing, to being positive role models in the mountain bike community, our riders are more than just mountain bikers; they're quality people. 

So without further ado, let's take a look at the 2022 Title Crew! 


Former 7x Crankworx Champ, 4x Slopestyle World Champ, X Games gold medalist, and Redbull Rampage winner. Brett is the founder of Title and continues to pursue his impressive mountain bike career, while also putting in the work behind the scenes at Title. Brett's passion for mountain biking and product design and development are some of the traits that have led him to where he is today. Get to know some more about Brett here.


A pioneer of woman's MTB and an environmental advocate. Casey's roots in the sport can be traced back to racing, but freeriding is how she spends most of her time on the bike these days. Casey is a role model in the mountain bike community and is someone that young up and coming riders often look up to and aspire to be like. 


A staple on the Crankworx World Tour and slopestyle specialist, Erik is known for his effortless riding style and originality. With much of his inspiration being drawn from skateboarding, Erik is a rider to keep an eye out for at Crankworx Slopestyle events this season! 


One of the most stylish riders on the team, and a X Games Real MTB contestant. Vero is known for her steeze on and off the bike, and isn't afraid to put in the time on the tools either. Check out Vero's rider profile to learn some more about her!


Max has been a staple athlete at Crankworx Slopestyle events for years. He also has his own YouTube channel, where you can keep up on what he's been up to. From travelling the world to ride and compete, to creating content, Max always has something on the go.



A freerider to the core, Carson's slopestyle roots mix with his modern day freeride style to create a unique and well-rounded athlete. Some of Carson's most memorable riding moment's have come at Redbull Rampage, where his riding style truly flourishes. Read some more on Carson here


Tom is a rider who is known for going big, while also having the ability to front flip anything. Tom has produced countless movie and video segments that leave a lasting impression, such as his Pinkbike video of the year winner "Wild West".


Stylish and original, Paul is another Title athlete that consistently competes at Crankworx Slopestyle events. Paul has proven that he's not afraid to think outside the box, and exemplifies his creativity in his "My War" video segments.


Truly one of a kind, Matt is someone who you can count on to bring positivity and energy to any situation. He's also an extremely talented bike rider with a skillset that translates to all types of riding and bikes, from street to freeride, and everything in between.


A sort of nomad, David spends a lot of the riding season travelling around the United States in his camper van. He is also a talented photographer and has a skillset on the bike that is impressive and unique. Read some more on David here


An up and coming Canadian slopestyle athlete, Griffin's hard work and impressive talent landed him a spot on the Crankwork Diamond Series in 2021. Here he accomplished a cool top 6 result at both Title Slopestyle at SilverStar Mountain as well as at Crankworx Rotorua in New Zealand. Keep an eye out for Griffin on the tour this year!


Whether it's flowing the skatepark, shredding the trail bike, or creating art behind the lens, Pete is adept at many aspects of mountain biking. Not only is he an awesome rider, but he is also a very talented photographer and filmmaker.


Always bringing the energy and good vibes, Harriet (Haz), is new to the Title family this year. We are stoked to see Haz compete at Crankworx events this season! 


An up and coming Swedish slopestyle athlete, Lukas has undeniable talent and an abundance of style on the bike. Keep an eye out for Lukas at slopestyle events throughout the year. 


You have probably seen riding clips of Brayden at indoor parks or skateparks that just make you say "wow". Brayden has a unique and original riding style, where you can consistently see the precision he has learned from riding technical, indoor parks. 


Affectionately known to some as "Anton Cleanlander", from his slopestyle competition days, Anton's nickname says a lot about his riding style. Very few athletes make riding a bike look as stylish and effortless as Anton does. 


All around good person, when Simon isn't honing his slopestyle skills he's probably out on the trails coaching and sharing his passion for MTB. He's a well balanced rider that makes bike riding look like fun! 


Max has an undeniable dedication and love for the sport of mountain biking. He's a talented rider who isn't afraid of working hard to pursue his passion and goals. He's also known for producing some really cool web videos every year!


Part of the next generation of slopestyle athletes, Ben's riding speaks for itself. He's already developed a deep bag of tricks and has done so with style. Keep an eye out for Ben at slopestyle events this season.  


A promising young freerider, who has migrated to Utah to pursue his favourite style of riding. You can find Ryan in the hills building and riding some creative freeride lines and big hits.  


Dillon is undoubtedly a product of his environment, Vancouver Island. One of the most stylish riders on any type of bike, Dillon's emphasis isn't on doing the biggest tricks. He's also a pretty reputable trail builder too, to top it all off. 


Keon has progressed his riding exponentially in the last few years, using Joyride 150 indoor bike park to his full advantage. Once you meet Keon, it is clear that he has a drive and desire within him to reach his goals. Not afraid to work hard and take advantage of opportunity, Keon is someone to watch out for in the slopestyle world in the coming years.   


A mountain biker to the core, Cole is known best for his skills on the dirt jump bike and for his ability to sculpt a set of perfect DJ's.   


Alejandro is known for his proficiency on his DJ bike, where you can probably find him at LaPoma or his home trails perfecting his craft and learning a new trick combo. When he's not riding, he's not afraid of spending some time on the tools either. 


Another rider who is on the come up, Hayden is freerider from Vernon, BC. Hayden's personal progression on his bike over the last few seasons has been impressive, and he has the ability to transfer the skills he's learned on his jump bike to his downhill bike too. 


An easy going, care-free personality who's ability on a bike shouldn't be understated. His demeanour is relaxed, but the way Chance rides a bike is second to none. Don't be surprised when he starts making noise on the slopestyle scene in the near future. 


She is undeniably a big piece of the future of woman's slopestyle and freeride. Natasha already has an impressive set of skills and we are super excited to see what the future holds for this bright young athlete! 


Talented on all things two wheels, Seth has a flair to his riding style that is contagious. Whether it is adding tricks to a DH race run, or executing trials like maneuvers, Seth is someone who we are stoked to have on board once again for the 2022 season. 


After making his bones in the BMX world as a rider and filmmaker, Christian has begun to expand his repertoire into the MTB world. With inspiration being drawn from his earlier years in BMX, his riding style is truly unique and inspiring.  


Seth is a talented young rider with an easy going personality, whose passion for mountain biking is immediately apparent upon meeting him. Seth is also a talented photographer, and definitely someone to become familiar with in the MTB community. 


A multi-sport athlete, Tayte is undoubtedly going to be a large part of the future of woman's MTB. She has already begun to make a name for herself in the MTB world, as she took home 1st place at Darkhorse 2021. The future is bright!



Primary focusing on downhill riding, Ryan's riding style is a well balanced mix of speed and style. He is a promising young racer looking to continue his momentum at BC Cups and other races this season! 


Stylish, with the tricks to match, Sierrah is a great ambassador for the sport and a positive role model in her community. We're stoked to have Sierrah back for another exciting year ahead! 


All around quality person, Danny is a freerider from Washington who has a contagious passion for mountain biking. We're stoked to see what Danny has in store for the 2022 season! 



...And that's a wrap! The 2022 Title Crew is filled with an abundance of different riders and personalities, all of whom bring their own value to the group. Keep an eye out for some exciting projects from our riders this year! Oh yeah, and don't hesitate to say hi if you run into anyone out on the trails! Happy riding!

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  • Jan 18, 2023

    Hey Guys I’m just wondering if you need a brand ambassador? I’m not a pro but I race in enduros in the okanagan and am very active in the biking community. I have title parts on all my bikes and try to shoutout and promote the brand. I currently am an ambassador for a few companies such as Spy optics, Honeystinger, Outway Socks, Orbea, and Better Bolts. I don’t know if you have too many ordinary ambassadors as your athlete list of pros is sick but thought I’d reach out and see. Even just a discount or gear etc for promotion. Thanks and happy shredding 🤘🏼

    — Cody Cosens

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