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Guiding Principles

When Brett Rheeder Founded Title, he set out to create a company that did things differently from the rest. As a professional rider, Brett had an in-depth understanding of the mountain bike industry and wanted to create a brand that aligned with his personal values and would give him an opportunity to bring his own ideas to fruition. From this idea, Title was born. As Brett continued to develop the company, he and his team established a set of guiding principles to outline the way that Title would conduct business. These principles are as follows: 

Our Riders Come First 

We build products that our riders trust and believe in.


Challenge the Status Quo 

We have the courage and drive to shape a better tomorrow. 



We respect each other, our communities, our planet and inspire others to do the same.



We know what’s right and aim to do better.



We are committed to our products with heart and soul.


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