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Title Bike Check: Brett Rheeder's Commencal FRS

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Title Bike Check: Brett Rheeder's Commencal FRS

Earlier this year, Brett made the announcement that he and Trek Bikes would be parting ways. This would mark the end of an era that saw both Brett and Trek excel and grow beyond anyone's expectations from when he signed that first contract with the company in 2012. However, with every ending comes a new beginning and opportunity, and I do not believe I am alone in looking forward to seeing what the next chapter looks like for Brett. 

For 2022 and onward, Brett will be riding for Commencal Bikes. So, to commemorate the beginning of said new chapter, let's take a look at the first of Brett's new rides; the Commencal FRS. 

The Build: 

Frame: Commencal FRS, High Polished, size large   

Fork: Öhlins RXF38 m.2 29" 

Shock: Öhlins TTX22M with a 457lb coil 

Handlebar: Title Carbon Prototype, cut to 790mmm length 

Stem: Title ST1 35x35 

Seat: Title JS1 

Seatpost: Title CP1, 31.6mm 

Drivetrain: Shimano Saint 

Crank Length: 165mm 

Brakes: Shimano Saint 4-Piston 

Rotor Size: 203mm

Pedals: Title Prototype 

Tires: Kenda Hellkat Pro AGC, 2.4" width 

Tubeless: Yes 

Tire Insert: No 

Tire Pressure Front: 25 PSI

Tire Pressure Rear: 27 PSI

Valves: Title Tubeless Valves 

That concludes the first edition of Title Bike Checks. A big thank you to Mason Mashon for providing the masterful photos. Be sure to follow along for more athlete bike checks from us throughout the year. Thank you for reading! 

Comments on this post (3)

  • Sep 09, 2023

    How much mm of travel (Fork and coil shock) does Brett ride on this bike?

    — Roman

  • Oct 23, 2022

    brett is a sick rider! he has such good title components and a sick bike. his Commencal Rampage 2022 bike is also really sick! he is overall an amazing rider. he is one of my favourite riders and is so steezy on his bike.

    — Oliver

  • Apr 16, 2022

    I recently discovered Title while just looking around the web at various components. I came across a bar from a company named Title of which I have never heard of. I really liked what I saw which was a bar with a minimalist style which immediately got my attention. So upon further investigation I decided this will be the company I support for my next rebuild which is now underway. I purchased a 50 mil bar and stem combo. I got the G1 brake levers and seat post collar. I will be purchasing a saddle and seat post in the near future. I also picked up various other merchandise to show my support for Title. Really looking forward to seeing what else comes out from them. Added to my bucket list. Ride the title line. Here’s hoping!!!

    — Frederick Jones

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