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Primary riding discipline: Slopestyle, Freeride, Dual Slalom
Hometown: Ida, Michigan, USA

Instagram: @davidlieb_

1) Favorite part about being a Title athlete?
I see Title as a brand that rises above the rest. With cutting edge product relevant to my chosen disciplines, it just makes sense to partner with a brand that values quality as much as I do. It is awesome to be a part of an elite team of passionate athletes.

2) Most memorable riding moment?
My most memorable riding moment without a doubt is winning the 2019 US open of Slopestyle at Highland Mountain Bike Park. All the struggles that turned the odds against me leading up to it, were the reason it felt so good to walk away with the win.

3) Bucket list riding locations?
Thankfully many have already been checked off that list. I still want to lay some tires in the dirt somewhere in Africa. Whether it is descending a sand dune, or simply just a trail ride I have always been fascinated with that continent.

4) What are your hobbies and interests outside of riding?
I have many interests outside of riding. Lately I have really enjoyed getting behind the camera taking photos. Freezing moments in time is something that really captures my attention. Other than that, I spend quite a bit of time in the woodshop building things. I also play guitar and am trying to learn how to ride a skateboard better.

5) Who is someone that inspires you and why?
I’m inspired by creatives who can tell a story with their work. Peter Mckinnon is someone who I watch on YouTube a lot, mainly because his videos are educational and entertaining. 

6) If you weren’t a professional rider, what would your career be?
If I weren’t a professional bike rider, I would 100% be working as a self-employed part time camper van builder, part time photographer. I don’t even want to call those a backup plan, but more a long-term goal I hope to accomplish.

7) What was your first mountain bike?
My first Mountain Bike was a size XL Specialized Stump Jumper Hardtail 29er. I was a BMX rider hopelessly confused on what to do with it but I knew I needed some bigger wheels in my life so I went to the bike shop and bought it!
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