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Primary riding discipline: Freeride
Hometown: Canberra, Australia
Instagram: @haznationbikes

1) Favorite part about being a Title athlete?
I love being a part of a team with such amazing riders influencing the parts and brand as a whole! 

2) Most memorable riding moment?
Probably riding Whistler for the first time! I was so new to the MTB scene and everything about it was exciting, it really changed my entire direction in life.

3) Bucket list riding locations?
Japan would be so rad and unique, I’d also love to ride the La Poma dirt jumps.

4) What are your hobbies and interests outside of riding?
I love filming and editing stuff that makes me happy! Riding, travel and people that make me laugh. 

5) Who is someone that inspires you and why?
Vicki Golden, who absolutely kills it on moto! She really just created her own path and level of riding, its inspiring to watch! Gets me hyped. And all the women I ride with throughout the year! When I see them doing something sick it gets me so fired up to ride and keep progressing as a whole.

6) If you weren’t a professional rider, what would your career be?
Probably something in food or film! Hoping I can still bring that into my riding in ways throughout my career.

7) What was your first mountain bike?
I think a Trek trail bike of some sort!

Title Bike Check: Harriet Burbidge-Smith (HAZ)

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