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Primary riding discipline: Freeride
Hometown: Bend, Oregon

Instagram: @carsonstorch

1) Favorite part about being a Title athlete?
I love being able to represent one of my best friends' company. Also a perk that the parts are amazing!

2) Most memorable riding moment?
My first run at Rampage 2019 was the best I've ever ridden, on my dream line. Felt like I represented Freeride MTB in the exact way I envisioned it through what my dig crew and I created. A feeling I'll never forget!

3) Bucket list riding locations?
I have been fortunate enough to have ridden in some pretty wild places around the world, but there are always new places to explore. I want to spend as much time as I can in South America. Possibly Antarctica as well...

4) What are your hobbies and interests outside of riding?
I am passionate about moving dirt in machines, riding moto, snow biking (the moto kind), off-road, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. Basically anything with wheels and/or engines!

5) Who is someone that inspires you and why?
All of my friends I ride/compete/film with inspire me. Most of them were childhood heroes to me, and I have to pinch myself sometimes knowing that now most of them are some of my best friends. I am inspired by friends in other sports as well, especially snowboarding. My roommate/childhood friend Ben Ferguson probably inspires me the most. I want to represent my sport, as he does with his, and that has always been a motivator to ride the way I want and not be skewed by trends.

6) If you weren’t a professional rider, what would your career be?
I was a late bloomer in this sport, even though I have been 100% committed to trying to make it from the start. I was plagued with injuries and struggles for years... basically just had to work really hard to fill in where I was lacking exceptional talent. If I didn't make it, I was going to serve in the military. Very grateful to be doing what I'm doing instead, but I have a major respect for those who have served their countries.

7) What was your first mountain bike?
My first mountain bike was a Kona Stuff JR in 2003!

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